Selenite is named after the Greek moon goddess, Selene.

Possessing ethereal properties, it is believed the pure white selenite inhabits the space between light and matter.
Selenite is one of the most effective cleansing crystals. It absorbs negative energies from the environment and can also be used to clean and charge other crystals.

Used for clearing energy blockages, simply placing a piece of selenite on the affected area will help remove the unwanted negative energies.

It also removes negative energies from the aura and when worn it shields the wearer against bad influences.

Being commonly used for meditation, selenite will help you achieve clarity of mind and provide insight. Selenite resonates with the third eye chakra and also helps improve your intuitive abilities.

– Crystal Medium



Aquamarine, is Latin for “water of the sea”.

Associated with water since ancient times, it was used by sailors as protection against storms and seasickness.

This calming stone, relieves fears and phobias. It resonates with sensitive people and evokes serenity, helping you deal with stressful situations in a positive way.

Since it soothes the nerves it is very commonly used for meditation. Hold one in your hand will help you calm down to get into a meditative state.

Used for healing, this stone is extremely helpful to ease pain related to the nervous system.

Resonating with the throat chakra, it is also very good for dealing with pain in the neck or throat and toothaches.

It also strengthens the immune system and clears blockages related with self-expression.

Promoting compassion and empathy, it helps you reach closure, making you understand underlying emotional states and interpret how you feel and why.

– Crystal Medium


Amethyst promotes spiritual wisdom and enhances metaphysical abilities.

It is great for meditation and encourages selfness and spiritual wisdom.

This crystal is great for scrying and visualization. It facilitates out-of-body experiences and helps recall dreams.

It’s also an incredible protective stone, guarding against psychic attacks, negative energies and blocking geopathic stress.

Said to have a sobering effect and help overcome addictions, the name Amethyst comes from the Greek “to be intoxicated”. In ancient times, it was used to prevent drunkenness.

It is one of my favorite stones of all time.

Having a stressful job, Amethyst helps me to deal with my stress and anxiety.

It helps me relax and it’s also a great healer and pain reliever, being my favorite crystal to sleep with when I have headaches due to fatigue.

It soothes the nervous system and promotes clarity. Sleeping with it helps me relax and heal so I can take on new challenges.

When I first started collecting crystals and wanted an Amethyst cluster to place in my room and help me study and to charge my smaller crystals.

I had one (not the one on the picture), that I accidentally dropped and broke into smaller pieces.

At the time I had never broken a crystal before and I was young and obsessed with perfectionism so that made me very mad at myself.

I had destroyed a perfectly good crystal that I had spent so much money on and now I couldn’t use it, was what I taught.

There was nothing I could do, it was broken and it was up to me do decide to either throw it away or embrace the little pieces and find a use for them.

Overtime, I learned to accept things as they were and I truly believe that was an important lesson that amethyst taught me.

I kept the pieces and I love them just as I loved them when they were a cluster.

You can’t have full control of what happens in life. Sometimes unexpected things happen and it’s up to you how you choose to act on it.

– Crystal Medium

Desert Rose

Native American stories tells us that these were rocks carved into flowers by our ancestors to let us know they were here before us.

Desert Roses or Sand Roses are formed by precipitation in desert regions and contain trapped sand particles.

It carries the energies of clarity, prosperity and purification. It also helps to rid the mind of old thought-processes, opening up the flow of guidance from your intuition.

This stone will show you how to commit to a project with confidence and to stay focused on the outcome so you can manage the challenges with an optimistic attitude.

Sand Roses will support you in your endeavours to realize your dreams and connect you to the nourishing and protective energy of mother Earth.

Growing up, my mother had a few crystals and that is were my fascination began. One of them was a big desert rose.

In this post I want to honor her, she came before me and paved the way for the person that I am today.

As a child I had many paranormal episodes that would scare me and even scare my mother. At the time I had no idea she was scared, but now as adults we speak of this and I have such a huge admiration for her.

Not once she left me alone when I was scared at night or when I would wake up screaming with horrifying nightmares, even though she too was scared.

My teachers at school wanted me to go to therapy because I would speak about ghosts all the time, and my mother never allowed that and always protected me.

It was thanks to her that I was able to embrace my mediumship and fully grow in to it.

Thank you mother.

– Crystal Medium

Crystals and Plants

Crystals can have amazing effects on your plants and flowers.

When most people think about crystal healing, they think about the way crystals can help heal the body and soul.

Well, crystals can also be used to help heal sick plants and give them the support they need to grow.

There are essentially 3 ways to use crystals in your plants:

You can place them at the base of the plant, near the root, so the energy emitted will affect both the roots and the leaves of the plant.

You can put them directly in the dirt so they are in contact with the roots. This is specially good for when you’re repotting and will ensure growth.

Or you can make a crystal elixir and then water your plants with it.

These are my 3 favorite stones for plants.

Being a stone that brings safety and security in the most challenging situations, tree agate carries the nurturing energy of nature and is an excellent stone for all types of plants and trees. This crystal will help your plant grow even in difficult conditions.

Agates were used in ancient Rome to ensure bountiful crops. Being a stone of abundance, dendritic agate helps houseplants grow and maintains their health.

Pests and insects can damage the leaves and the roots of a plant and could potentially kill it. Black tourmaline is extremely useful to keep pests at bay. When buried in the soil, it promotes growth.

I like to put crystals in my Orchids when they’re not flowering to make sure they stay strong and healthy so they can bloom again when the time comes.

Adding crystals to your plants it’s a simple gesture but it will help you have beautiful and healthy plants.

– Crystal Medium

Shungite Water

Shungite is a carbon mineral with over two billion years. It is a great shielding stone and water purifier.

Immersed in water for several hours, it will not only make a powerful crystal elixir, but it also removes harmful microorganisms and pollutants, boosts the physical well-being and improving the immune system.

Shungite can only be found in the Republic of Karelia in Russia and there is a lot of fake shungite in the market, so be careful when buying this stone, specially if you intend to make shungite water.

There are 3 types of Shungite stones:

Type I – Elite or Noble Shungite
– Consisting of + 90% of carbon

Type II – Petrovsky Shungite
– Consisting of 50 – 70% of carbon

Type III – Black Shungite
– Consisting of 30 – 50% of carbon

Type I is the most common and it’s usually used for carvings or jewelry. Type II and III are rarer and due to the higher presence of carbon are preferred for making shungite water. I prefer Elite Shungite, this is the one I use to make my shungite water that I drink daily.

Shungite will remove bacteria and other microbes from the water as well as nitrates, heavy metals, pesticides, chlorine, and fluoride.

When using Elite or Noble Shungite, the water will also enrich the water with fullerenes, thanks to the hydrogen present in it’s structure. This embeds the water with antioxidant properties and helps you cope with some diseases, specially the ones associated with the digestive system.

I like to use shungite water as a base for other crystal elixirs, for example, with clear quartz to energize the water even more.

***Please be careful with the stones that you use for crystal elixirs as some may be poisonous or dissolve in the water.***

How to make Shungite Water:

1) Pick raw shungite stones from a trusted source.
2) Thoroughly wash the stones under running water and remove any dust or residues that you could ingest by accident.
3) In a glass jar or bottle, infuse 150 – 200 grams of type II or type III shungite or 50 – 70 grams of type I shungite.
4) Let the stones sit in the water for at least 24 hours before drinking.
5) Frequently wash the stones and the water container under running water.
6) At least once a month, take the stones and charge them.

Note: If you see the stones turning the water dirty, do not use them or consume this water. This could happen with lower grade shungite that is mixed with other minerals.

Drinking this water regularly will improve your immune system and leave you more energized. Ever since I started drinking it I rarely get sick and I have much more energy so I recommend this to anyone look forward to living a healthier life.

– Crystal Medium


Celestite is one of my favorite stones of all times.

This stones helps you connect with the divine energy and stimulates spiritual development. It heals and cleanses the aura, promoting purity and harmony.

It’s a high-vibration stone and it’s one of the most common used stones for bringing calmness and cooling down fiery emotions.

This particular specimen came from Madagascar and it came into my life unexpectedly, perhaps in the time o needed it the most, it was one of those moments when the stone finds you.

I’d be looking for Celestite for months before I stumbled upon this piece. I looked looked for it online, I looked in crystal shops near me but didn’t have any success.

I found very little Celestite stones and the ones I found were always crazy expensive so I just gave up on the idea.

One day, I was in a bookshop just browsing and I feel immediately draw to a particular shelf full of magazines.

Not really knowing why, I started to dig into the pile of magazines. In the bottom shelf there were these National Geographic mineral collection magazines and they had a crystal sample.

To my surprise, the last one at the very bottom of the self, hidden and covered by all those other magazines, was the magazine on Celestite and inside it, a box with this stone.

I’m a true believer that stones choose you and not the other way around. The right stones will manifest in your life when the time is right, so don’t force it and just go with the flow.

– Crystal Medium