Aquamarine, is Latin for “water of the sea”.

Associated with water since ancient times, it was used by sailors as protection against storms and seasickness.

This calming stone, relieves fears and phobias. It resonates with sensitive people and evokes serenity, helping you deal with stressful situations in a positive way.

Since it soothes the nerves it is very commonly used for meditation. Hold one in your hand will help you calm down to get into a meditative state.

Used for healing, this stone is extremely helpful to ease pain related to the nervous system.

Resonating with the throat chakra, it is also very good for dealing with pain in the neck or throat and toothaches.

It also strengthens the immune system and clears blockages related with self-expression.

Promoting compassion and empathy, it helps you reach closure, making you understand underlying emotional states and interpret how you feel and why.

– Crystal Medium


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