Amethyst promotes spiritual wisdom and enhances metaphysical abilities.

It is great for meditation and encourages selfness and spiritual wisdom.

This crystal is great for scrying and visualization. It facilitates out-of-body experiences and helps recall dreams.

It’s also an incredible protective stone, guarding against psychic attacks, negative energies and blocking geopathic stress.

Said to have a sobering effect and help overcome addictions, the name Amethyst comes from the Greek “to be intoxicated”. In ancient times, it was used to prevent drunkenness.

It is one of my favorite stones of all time.

Having a stressful job, Amethyst helps me to deal with my stress and anxiety.

It helps me relax and it’s also a great healer and pain reliever, being my favorite crystal to sleep with when I have headaches due to fatigue.

It soothes the nervous system and promotes clarity. Sleeping with it helps me relax and heal so I can take on new challenges.

When I first started collecting crystals and wanted an Amethyst cluster to place in my room and help me study and to charge my smaller crystals.

I had one (not the one on the picture), that I accidentally dropped and broke into smaller pieces.

At the time I had never broken a crystal before and I was young and obsessed with perfectionism so that made me very mad at myself.

I had destroyed a perfectly good crystal that I had spent so much money on and now I couldn’t use it, was what I taught.

There was nothing I could do, it was broken and it was up to me do decide to either throw it away or embrace the little pieces and find a use for them.

Overtime, I learned to accept things as they were and I truly believe that was an important lesson that amethyst taught me.

I kept the pieces and I love them just as I loved them when they were a cluster.

You can’t have full control of what happens in life. Sometimes unexpected things happen and it’s up to you how you choose to act on it.

– Crystal Medium


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