Crystals and Plants

Crystals can have amazing effects on your plants and flowers.

When most people think about crystal healing, they think about the way crystals can help heal the body and soul.

Well, crystals can also be used to help heal sick plants and give them the support they need to grow.

There are essentially 3 ways to use crystals in your plants:

You can place them at the base of the plant, near the root, so the energy emitted will affect both the roots and the leaves of the plant.

You can put them directly in the dirt so they are in contact with the roots. This is specially good for when you’re repotting and will ensure growth.

Or you can make a crystal elixir and then water your plants with it.

These are my 3 favorite stones for plants.

Being a stone that brings safety and security in the most challenging situations, tree agate carries the nurturing energy of nature and is an excellent stone for all types of plants and trees. This crystal will help your plant grow even in difficult conditions.

Agates were used in ancient Rome to ensure bountiful crops. Being a stone of abundance, dendritic agate helps houseplants grow and maintains their health.

Pests and insects can damage the leaves and the roots of a plant and could potentially kill it. Black tourmaline is extremely useful to keep pests at bay. When buried in the soil, it promotes growth.

I like to put crystals in my Orchids when they’re not flowering to make sure they stay strong and healthy so they can bloom again when the time comes.

Adding crystals to your plants it’s a simple gesture but it will help you have beautiful and healthy plants.

– Crystal Medium


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