Shungite Water

Shungite is a carbon mineral with over two billion years. It is a great shielding stone and water purifier.

Immersed in water for several hours, it will not only make a powerful crystal elixir, but it also removes harmful microorganisms and pollutants, boosts the physical well-being and improving the immune system.

Shungite can only be found in the Republic of Karelia in Russia and there is a lot of fake shungite in the market, so be careful when buying this stone, specially if you intend to make shungite water.

There are 3 types of Shungite stones:

Type I – Elite or Noble Shungite
– Consisting of + 90% of carbon

Type II – Petrovsky Shungite
– Consisting of 50 – 70% of carbon

Type III – Black Shungite
– Consisting of 30 – 50% of carbon

Type I is the most common and it’s usually used for carvings or jewelry. Type II and III are rarer and due to the higher presence of carbon are preferred for making shungite water. I prefer Elite Shungite, this is the one I use to make my shungite water that I drink daily.

Shungite will remove bacteria and other microbes from the water as well as nitrates, heavy metals, pesticides, chlorine, and fluoride.

When using Elite or Noble Shungite, the water will also enrich the water with fullerenes, thanks to the hydrogen present in it’s structure. This embeds the water with antioxidant properties and helps you cope with some diseases, specially the ones associated with the digestive system.

I like to use shungite water as a base for other crystal elixirs, for example, with clear quartz to energize the water even more.

***Please be careful with the stones that you use for crystal elixirs as some may be poisonous or dissolve in the water.***

How to make Shungite Water:

1) Pick raw shungite stones from a trusted source.
2) Thoroughly wash the stones under running water and remove any dust or residues that you could ingest by accident.
3) In a glass jar or bottle, infuse 150 – 200 grams of type II or type III shungite or 50 – 70 grams of type I shungite.
4) Let the stones sit in the water for at least 24 hours before drinking.
5) Frequently wash the stones and the water container under running water.
6) At least once a month, take the stones and charge them.

Note: If you see the stones turning the water dirty, do not use them or consume this water. This could happen with lower grade shungite that is mixed with other minerals.

Drinking this water regularly will improve your immune system and leave you more energized. Ever since I started drinking it I rarely get sick and I have much more energy so I recommend this to anyone look forward to living a healthier life.

– Crystal Medium


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