Celestite is one of my favorite stones of all times.

This stones helps you connect with the divine energy and stimulates spiritual development. It heals and cleanses the aura, promoting purity and harmony.

It’s a high-vibration stone and it’s one of the most common used stones for bringing calmness and cooling down fiery emotions.

This particular specimen came from Madagascar and it came into my life unexpectedly, perhaps in the time o needed it the most, it was one of those moments when the stone finds you.

I’d be looking for Celestite for months before I stumbled upon this piece. I looked looked for it online, I looked in crystal shops near me but didn’t have any success.

I found very little Celestite stones and the ones I found were always crazy expensive so I just gave up on the idea.

One day, I was in a bookshop just browsing and I feel immediately draw to a particular shelf full of magazines.

Not really knowing why, I started to dig into the pile of magazines. In the bottom shelf there were these National Geographic mineral collection magazines and they had a crystal sample.

To my surprise, the last one at the very bottom of the self, hidden and covered by all those other magazines, was the magazine on Celestite and inside it, a box with this stone.

I’m a true believer that stones choose you and not the other way around. The right stones will manifest in your life when the time is right, so don’t force it and just go with the flow.

– Crystal Medium


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